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Fume/Gas scrubbing part

1. VRI Reactor

          Sketch of old-type VRI reactor                    Sketch of new-type VRI reactor

The VRI reactor is mainly used in smelter gas scrubbing system. Its function is to jet out alumina evenly into the gas reaction device for completing chemical reaction and adsorption reaction with hydrogen fluoride gas (HF) in the smelter gas and transform the HF gas into solid form and then collect the reactant into bag filter, so that recycling material and scrubbing the harmful gas from smelter can be achieved.


The VRI reactor manufactured by our company has the characteristics of small size and high adsorption efficiency, etc. Its double-cone shape can reduce the equipment resistance and make the alumina jetting out in a butterfly-like film which will increase the adsorption area and efficiency. The jetting orifice is installed with alloyed wear resistant bushing which can prolong its lifespan by five times. The fluidization component is made by stainless steel sintered felt after pressing which has a delicate configuration and unnecessary for maintenance in general. The material jetting orifice is thermal-treated which enhanced its wear resistance. The charging bin is equipped with inspection window which facilitates operation and maintenance. The smooth fluidization component could improve the efficiency. The air inlet pipe is changed as flange connection so that it has a good sealing performance. Anyway, it is an ideal reaction device at present.


2. Electric Butterfly Valve


The electric butterfly valve manufactured by our company adopts the balanced structure which makes the power of its matched motor can be very low. If working pressure changes, the valve body will vibrate by a small margin because the valve plate adopting a frame structure which has merits of novel design, stability and fastness, etc. Similarly the D839-PA-0.1 type electric butterfly valve can be installed with different angular transducers of displacement type, electromagnetic type, photoelectric type and other types as per requirements from users. It is in match use of KJB (P) and KGB (P) type valve controllers manufactured by our company to complete the short and distant control under automatic mode and manual mode.

 Sketch of Electric Butterfly Valve


Models and specifications (unit: mm)


3. Electric Rectangle Valve


The F-series electric rectangle valves manufactured by our company are specifically designed to control the opening and closing of gas medium with low corrosiveness and large flow rate. Two-stage worm wheel reduction box installed in the electric rectangle valve has a large output torque. The angular transducer installed on the valve body can display the opening of the valve. F839-series electric rectangle valves can be matched with KJB (P) and KGB (P) valve controllers manufactured by our company. As to KGB (P) valve controller, the control component adopts photoelectric insulation measures to make the safety voltage among the inputting, outputting and bottom shell exceeding 2KV. The inside of the various valve controllers is installed with overheat protection device, over current protection device and open-phase protection device, which protect the electric rectangle valve as much as possible. Meanwhile the valve controller can be matched with resistance type, electromagnetic type and photoelectric type angular transducers to display the opening of the valve and also to complete distant automatic control and local manual control.


1. Electric rectangle valve adopts multi-valve-plate design with small opening and closing torque; the drive motor power is below 1.1KW.

2. The valve adopts phosphor copper belt between the valve plates for sealing, with good sealing effects and little air leakage.


Hyper Dense Phase Accessories


1. Exhaust box


The exhaust box with the specification of 400×500×1300

is matched wi th twenty φ76 ×1100 bags. It adopts natural

exhaust system with the filtration area of 5.5m2, entire bending and

shaping of δ=3 steel plate, seal welding, slag and rust removal on

the surface, spraying two-layer primer and finish for once, which

is convenient for operation and maintenance.


2. Quick Opening


The quick opening hole with the specification of φ150mm is connected with air slide by seal welding. The fit clearance of the dynamic connecting shaft on the top of the quick opening hole is between 0.08~0.12mm. The sealing material of the quick opening hole is EPDM and the sealing tightness can be adjusted according to the site condition so as to have the best sealing effect. The maximum opening and closing force of the quick opening hole is not more than 300N and the minimum force is not less than 120N. The quick opening hole can bear the positive pressure of 0.2Mpa and the negative pressure of 0.25Mpa.


3. Valves


Our company can manufacture the manual board plug valves, manual and electric butterfly valves with different specifications, which can meet various operation requirements under different working conditions.

Dense Phase and Pneumatic Conveying Accessories