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Anode jacking system

I General

This system is the anode jacking system on the prebaked anode pot of metallurgical industry which is widely used in pot rooms with high magnetic field, high temperature and full of dust. As the matured finish product of our company for years, the anode jacking device series owns the distinctiveness from design to manufacture process as strong lifting power, stable lifting, long service life, convenient for operation and maintenance, etc. Furthermore, we can design and manufacture all types of jacking device according to the requirement from customers.

There are mainly two types of anode jacking system, one is triangle plate anode jacking system and the other is spiral anode jacking system.

II Equipment composition and working principle

2.1 Triangle plate anode jacking system

The triangle plate anode jacking system is composed of beam, jacking set, motor, coupling, end connection rod, middle connection rod, head connection rod, triangle plate, fork bolt, pivot, cross joint, pin, and lifting head etc., it has simple structure, stable operation without noise and maintenance, which is the advanced and dedicated device of anode jacking in domestic area for now.

Worm gear screw jacking system

Triangle plate test stand

2.2 Spiral anode jacking system

Pot anode jacking device is composed of motor, reducer, left jackscrew, right jackscrew, left reversing gear box, right reversing gear box, drive shaft, drive coupling, insulated transmit coupling etc. 

Spiral anode jacking system

The working principle is: The lifting and declining movement is achieved through drive of cylindrical gear, umbrella gear, and worm gear. The working process is that the cylindrical gear reducer has its initial speed reduce powered by motor; then change the drive direction by reversing gear box, through main drive shaft transferred to the worm of screw lifting device, the worm drives the worm gear to rotate; the worm gear section center is with lifting screw and the worm gear section drives the screw to move up and down with anode carbon block fixed on the screw.