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Hyper dense phase conveying system

I General

The hyper dense phase conveying system is a new technology of long transportation of powder and particle material, all powder and fine particle with fluidization characteristic can select this system. This technology is advantaged in advanced process, simple equipment, low consumption, high handling efficiency and easy operation, maintenance and safety and reliability. This can be applied in the area of metallurgy, construction material, food processing and chemical, etc.

1.1  Equipment characteristic

1.1.1    The hyper dense phase conveying device can be horizontally arranged to efficiently save the installation space, facilitate the engineering of installation and construction and save the civil cost.

1.1.2    Low material flow rate (<0.5m/s), this will extend the service life of the equipment, decrease the damage to alumina, help the alumina dissolving and diffusing in the electrolyte and decrease the depositing.

1.1.3    High material density (>0.8t/m2), good capacity of transportation with small flow rate.

1.1.4    There is separated venting system which is equipped with high efficient venting filtration device, no need to arrange dedusting device. The material is conveyed with total sealing and without dust in the air, good working condition. Also this will avoid mixing of impurity and improve the quality of the alumimium.

1.1.5    The air is supplied with the centrifugal fan. The operation cost is less than the compressed air.

1.1.6    There is no mechanical moving part in the whole system. So the maintenance is less and also less labour intensity.

1.1.7    Thehyper dense phase conveying system will decrease the consumption of alumina and improve economic returns.

In addition, the pressure of main air pipe in hyper dense phase conveying system is generally 3000Pa~7000Pa. There is small damage to the powder material during the transportation. In the dry gas treatment system, with this technology, the fresh alumina for absorbing is easy to be conveyed and controlled. This will guarantee the low damage ratio of the alumina, improve the absorption efficiency and increase the gas purification efficiency.

1.2 Main usage and range of application

The hyper dense conveying system equipment is the main composition of the large prebaked anode potroom. It works under the condition of high temperature, dust and high-intensity magnetic field. The main application is as below:

1.2.1 Automatic feeding of the pot

1.2.2 Process measurement and parameter configuration of alumina and fluoride salt

1.2.3 Overhead travelling crane feeding

1.2.4 Fresh alumina feeding for purification system and recycling of enriched alumina

2. Architectural feature and working principle

2.1 System composition

The hyper dense phase conveying system is from outlet of the enriched alumina storage pot to the inlet of pot material box covering all the airslides, vertical feeding pipe, venting collector (balance material column), air supply system, various valves, dosing measurement device, collection device(collector on top of silo) and pot feeding system, etc.

The hyper dense phase conveying system is mainly composed of airslide, air piping, double direction automatic adjusting valve, high pressure centrifugal fan, venting collector (balance material column), dust collection device on top of silo, dosing measurement device and material collector on top of silo, etc.

The airslide is the main composition of the system. Each airslide is composed of material chamber, air chamber, permeable cloth, seal pad, connection flange and fixation screw. The permeable cloth separates the air chamber and the material chamber. The air evenly passing the permeable cloth from the air chamber to the material chamber to fluidize the material, then the material can be conveyed.

The air pipe is the pipe for supplying the air to the airslide which is rolled by 3~4mm steel plate, diameter 300~400mm.

The double direction automatic adjusting valve adjusts the air going into the air chamber to guarantee the constant air pressure to the airslide.

The venting collector is the channel for material chamber venting, only for air, not material.

The high pressure centrifugal fan is the air source of the system air supply.

The dust collector on top of the silo is to ensure the good venting status of the silo, avoid high pressure in the silo which will cause difficult material conveying and collect the dust in the silo.